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I think I may need to write my blog even if it's a silly little thing or an useless thing for people.  

When I didn't write this, I wrote a diary to write how I was sad, angry, disappointed, depressed, etc. I think I needed to do that, but it was not positive. 

If I want my life or myself to increase, I would need to write about a good thing or a happy thing as much as possible, I guess. That will change a bad thoughts to a good one, give me chances to meet interesting people, etc. Also my purpose in writing my blog is not to write but to love every single day. I think I must not forget that. I should make better use of my time. 





I started writing my blog a few years ago, but I don't know who reads my blog, why they come see it, what they want on my blog. lol 

I've already stopped to study English (and to put Romaji), so if you come here to study something, I want to say "I'm sorry". lol But if there is one thing I can tell you, I tell you that if you stop learning English, your English skill is slipping... like me. lol 

Anyway why I'm in a talkative mood is just to raise me up. 


既に、英語の勉強も目的でなくなってしまったから(ローマ字もやめたし)、きっときっかけは勉強のためであるんだろうけれど、そこは、だから、ごめんね、としか言いようがない。メンゴ!笑 (既にできれば誰かに翻訳してもらいたい。笑)ただ、わかったのは、英語はやめると、どんどん抜ける。笑。


By the way, I thought I would make sourdough bread if I was back here but I haven't, because it's now my mother's job. She's made good sourdough bread, and, in fact, I'm not really interested in cooking now. So I just enjoy eating good food she made. 

One thing I've kept trying is to eat hard. lol I do as thinking about how she cooked it.. or something like that.




When I lived on my own and prepared the food for my friends, I realized I need their comments and feedback on that food to increase my cooking skills. 

So please give it to me. (Maybe it's good for you who eats the food I make! :))



It's a full moon tomorrow.  I'm cleaning my room.


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